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At BigIn, we aim higher with a long-term target of bringing world-class development to our clients. We are also committed to building an awesome workplace where we support everyone’s personal and professional growth. All that we have done and continue to do is build Trust and Values for both our clients and our employees.

Long Van

CEO & Founder


Outstanding core members keep every project performed at the top-quality levels.

outstanding members

keep everything performed at the high-end level

Minh Truong

Technical Director

With over 7 years of experience in the software industry, Minh is building and managing high-performing development teams, as well as leading highly innovative technical operation and product development at BigIn. 

His role is to bring over the best technologies to the market at an effective cost for digital products and thus to realize his vision of specialized goals for BigIn’s technical future.

Long Van

CEO & Founder

Long has over 12 years of experience in technology leadership roles creating and developing international teams and SaaS products across multiple industries. 

As the CEO of BigIn, he represents the company externally and leads the company’s mission of leveraging innovative technology to build successful digital solutions for global businesses.

Tuan Nguyen

Business Development Manager

Currently holding the position of Business Development Manager at BigIn, Tuan brings over nearly 5 years of his broad experience in business development and sales to take responsibilities for consulting and building customer systems, as well as service offerings, in order to better meet the needs of new and existing clients.

Long Tran

Project Manager

Dynamic, client-oriented and business-minded, Long as BigIn’s Project Manager puts his 5 years of experience to bear on the company’s essential projects. His main tasks are to manage one or more projects based on workload, as well as to be in charge of project proposals, planning, tracking, and delivery (time, quality, and budget). His abilities aid in the smoother and more harmonious working relationship between the client and the organization.

Nam Pham

Head of Business Analysis

Nam has over 6 years of expertise in the software industry, including outsourcing and product development. As the Head of Business Analyst at BigIn, Nam contributes his expertise as the lead BA on numerous successful projects and also acts as a bridge between the client and the development team. Nam leads his team to engage and support the entire process, ensuring that clients receive the finest quality products possible.

Thoa Tran

Sales Manager

Thoa has over 6 years of experience in adopting the digitization of customer and supply-chain interactions, as well as internal operations. With her strong expertise in leadership, relationship-building and in-depth knowledge, her aim as a Sales Manager at BigIn is to successfully bring the company’s most effective digital solutions to enterprises during their transformation.

Danh Nguyen

Head of Design (UI/UX)

With a strong background as a Chief Product Officer, Danh also has over 7 years of experience in the field of design and currently leads Design Department after successfully developing his own design system that adapts to all the requirements of clients in developing digital products. As BigIn’s Head of Design, Danh sets the bar for the company’s design quality and provides a creative vision not only for the team and projects but also for the entire organization.

Tam Mai

Technical Lead

Bringing years of extensive work experience as a professional security pen tester for government organizations and then as a senior web developer, Tam now works as the Technical Lead at BigIn. His key responsibilities include redesigning the web and mobile app architecture, contributing to core frameworks, and assisting the CTO in the development of the engineering team. Extraordinary leadership and communication skills enable him to collaborate effectively with designers and developers, resulting in the finest possible outcomes.

Duy Duong

Technical Lead

Duy is a professional full-stack developer with more than 8 years of.NET technology expertise. He provides technical guidance and training for developers and engineers with solid experience in Object-Oriented, Analysis and Design, Database Design, and Design Patterns. Duy’s major tasks as a Technical Lead at BigIn include developing a core/framework for initial projects, building continuous integration systems with GitLab CI, as well as analyzing a microservices ecosystem that is easy to scale in the future.

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