We are BigIn

A group of talented, passionate & tech-savvy developers.

Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share the same interest in technology and the same goal of becoming a reputable global software development company.

To us, no challenge is too big as we keep our courage.

At BigIn, each individual is valued and facilitated to learn and grow to the fullest extent possible. We build trust from within the company and motivate each other to achieve together.

Here are a few more reasons why BigIn is a great place to work.


happy hours, valuable training

Our workplace culture is fully supportive of our team.

For high-performing qualified employees, we offer flexible policies that promote work-life balance, such as flexible hours and reduced workweeks. Plus, we have a variety of fun activities to boost employee morale like beneficial training sessions and happy hours.

Annual Company Trip

hangout together, strengthen bonds

The idea of working for a company that offer team-building vacations is incredibly appealing. After stressful projects, a trip can help everyone revive their creativity and teamwork. Not only to relax, a getaway can also be an excellent way to create connections, strengthen bonds and increase engagements among team members.

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get stronger, be healthier

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happy at work with positive energy