The best of applications designed & developed at BigIn Vietnam

Web development

Be certain the project is on track with 30+ developers covering every development stage. We design, build, refactor, migrate, architect, and provide ongoing maintenance. No hot fixes — only scalable builds with technologies that stand the test of time. How much does performance matter to you? We aim for grade A and a maximum 1s loading time for each app.

.Net Core




iOS | Android



Mobile development

Imagine having a mobile app that works like your favorite ones. We’ll help you design, develop, and publish an iOS or Android software that will receive general acclaim for its user experience – we’ve done it before. It can be a component-based native app, a hybrid, or a PWA that will keep your customers coming back.

Software outsource

Fill the talent gap just in weeks. With access to over +170 proactive and social professionals, you can form a durable team with frontend, backend, or cloud developers that can assist you for years. In their work, they follow 6 years of best practices we documented, which will wow you in the very first sprint.

.Net Core




Business analysis

Manual testing

Test automation

Performance testing

Mobile apps testing

Security testing

Quality Assurance As a Service

Work with certified QA engineers ranked by COMPUTERWORLD as the best bunch in Poland. Happened 3x times in a row. They’re trained to catch bugs before each deployment, possibly saving you thousands in production fixes. In the last 9 years, our tests have secured successful product launches, buyouts, and cloud migrations.

Product design

Turn a raw idea into a product millions can’t live without thanks to our proven 5-stage process. We’ve designed branding and UX/UI that impacted growth of financing platforms, educational services, and even a neo-bank. Practicality, repeated use, and A-grade speed are just a couple of Design Thinking rules our team lives by.

Understanding pains

Visual DNA

Initialize ideas

Interactive prototype

A - B testing

Rolling maintenance

Estimated tool

A cost-effective estimation tool for developing
your systems to work with professionals