Why Should Businesses Look For A Custom Website Design?

Sep 9, 2021 · 8 min read

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The marketplace of ready-to-use templates has made owning a website easier than ever. Just a few clicks and your website is up and running with a complete layout. But is it really the ideal choice for your business, particularly when you don't just want to establish an online presence but also stand out? We will walk you through both options and explain why you should seriously look into a custom website design when brand identity, user experience, and flexibility are your top concerns.

Is Custom Website Design Better Template Web Design?

Custom Website Design



Template Website Designs


Many templates are even available for free.


Why Should Your Business Choose Custom Website Design?

A Tailored Look For Your Brand

To stay ahead and survive the increasingly crowded market, you must have a unique professional brand. A custom website is a chance for your business not only to present your products but also showcase your own personality.

You can partner with our professional designers and developers at BigIn to add personalized touches and deliver unique digital experiences to your customers.

These capabilities are often limited with drag-and-drop templates. But with custom design, your website will stand out from the rest of the pack and get more users hooked into your professional business identity right at first glance.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No matter how popular other platforms are, search results are always a vital source of organic traffic for any business. We understand the importance of SEO in the digital era. And that's why when partnering with BigIn, you will also receive assistance from experienced SEO specialists besides our development team.

About 70% of small business owners don’t have any SEO strategies due to various reasons. Don’t worry – any custom design from BigIn comes with proven SEO practices to improve your website’s exposure and ranking. These optimization techniques will attract more potential customers to your website and establish a better reputation for your business.

These capabilities are often limited with drag-and-drop templates. But with custom design, your website will stand out from the rest of the pack and get more users hooked into your professional business identity right at first glance.

A Customer-Focused Design

There is no doubt you understand your own customers better than designers of ready-to-use web templates. The only barrier standing between those needs and a complete website is a highly-skilled team from a custom web design company to implement them.

BigIn can help you with that. Our designers and web developers will listen closely to your business goals and what your customers demand the most to build the best possible user experience for them. This customer-centric approach makes sure your customers always get what they need from your products and services.

More Responsive To Business Changes

Changes are easier to make with custom website development. When you and our team at BigIn come together, we'll consider not only your current business situations but also your long-term goals and the wider industry landscape.

Compared to ready-made templates that use the one-size-fits-all designs, your customized website will be more ready to adapt. Be it new features, integration of additional technologies, or the ability to scale - everything will be on the roadmap and ready to implement when needed.

Greater Hosting Flexibility

Coming with BigIn’s custom web design is a variety of hosting options recommended by us. We will come up with different enterprise-grade providers you can trust to host your website.

The choice is ultimately up to each business owner, depending on the target market, estimated website traffic, budget, data backup, site management, and integration with other tools.

But don't worry too much about those technical aspects - our developers will always stay beside you to ensure you make the best decision for your website.

Update Less Frequently

Newer technologies get adopted in web development all the time, meaning an off-the-shelf template can be out of date by today's standards. And modifying a several-year-old design is not easy either, particularly when the time and cost of a big overhaul aren't worth it

Custom web designs from BigIn, on the other hand, always use the best and most up-to-date practices the current web development landscape has to offer. There is no need to waste time and money on updating your website often when everything is future-proof and already tailored to your own needs.

Better Scalability

Striving to become a successful business means you must think about growth and how to prepare for that.

A basic website with a few features may be fine for now. But when your business flourishes, you will receive bigger traffic and have to process more requests from your increased customer base. This occasion is when a template built from a common mold easily falls short.

To accommodate the potential for growth in the future, you must think big from the get-go. With that in mind, we will make sure your website can adapt to constant changes and upscale painlessly with your business.

Improve Your Reputation

Customers always look for a brand they can trust in a sea of similar products and services from countless providers. They can form an opinion of your business from the very first second your website is loaded.

The layout, menus, logo, and images can all make or break your credibility. That's why using a popular template your visitors may have seen somewhere else is not a wise bet.

A well-thought custom web design is the best way to establish trust between you and your potential customers. With extensive experience in various fields, designers from BigIn can help you create the best impression and present your business most genuinely.

Lower Cost

It may seem counterintuitive, but custom website designs at a higher cost will be a rewarding investment for your business.

Undeniably, it requires a higher up-front cost, but when factoring in uniqueness, brand identity, user-friendliness, reliability, scalability, and control, your money will pay off handsomely in the long run.

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Is Custom Web Design Worth the Price?

We understand that the cost of a custom design is always a big concern of our customers. Custom website designs don't come cheap upfront, especially if you have a tight budget. But when you take into the equation other considerations like flexibility and user experience, they can become a viable option.

For instance, a custom design from BigIn can cost between $6,000-$10,000, but the potential revenue, sales, branding, and customer satisfaction it brings will multiply promptly; it'll be worth the cost.

We have plenty of offers at different price ranges. And if you have the budget, a custom website design is a no-brainer.

In Conclusion

Businesses, especially startups looking for solid brand identity and explosive growth, benefit greatly from custom website design. It creates a unique look for your brand, tailors the best possible experience for your customers, and leaves plenty of wiggle room for future changes.

BigIn’s custom website design services are the place you can trust to build your website. Our portfolio includes various websites in different industries, all of which have offered great assistance to the growth of our customers.
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